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Xmas gift ideas for women who like to ‘sleigh’ mountain bike trails

The festive season is now upon us, before you know it we will be in ‘twixmas’, full of cheese, roast potatoes and bewilderment, unsure of what day, month or year it is and desperate to escape our loved ones.   

At Shred Like A Girl HQ we know that stressing about what gifts to buy that female mountain biker in your life is not fun and you would much rather be watching youtube clips of guinea pigs with hats on. So we have put together a list of our favourite things that we would be stoked to receive this Christmas. You’re welcome. 

  • Socks, socks and more socks

Yep, you read that right, women mountain bikers LOVE socks.  They will be used, admired and cherished. The whackier the better. Not just any old sock mind, it has to be designed for pedaling. Check out this small UK business, they not only do loads of cool designs, they are eco conscious and the loveliest people, what a bonus. 

Odd Outdoors MTB Socks

  • More socks… I did warn you

These aren’t just any old socks though, these are waterproof socks. They keep your feet as snug as bugs in rugs and DRY.  No one wants wet feet, they make you miserable. These Sealskinz are top of the pops when it comes to quality and perfect for those soggy, cold wintery days. An essential bit of winter riding kit.

Sealskinz Mountain Bike Socks

  • Coaching voucher 

An opportunity to hone those bike skills with a professional mountain bike coach will never be snubbed. There's nothing better than the confidence a coaching day can give you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to overthink what course to book and what date, gift vouchers are available.

SkillsLoop MTB Coaching
Katy Curd MTB Coaching
RSR Bike Works Mountain Bike Coaching

  • Festival / Event Tickets

The mountain bike calendar is always full of excitement. There are enough races and events to keep you going all summer. One of the must haves is a ticket to The Malverns Classics,  a four day family friendly mountain bike event set near the beautiful Malvern Hills. It is packed full of entertainment both on and off the bike and plenty of stalls to peruse and throw your money at. Shred Like a Girl will be there again and we can’t wait.

Malverns Classic MTB Festival Tickets

  • Shred Like a Girl shorts

The comfiest womens mountain bike shorts on the planet. True story. Yes it is winter but mountain bikers are hardcore. Frostbite, what frostbite?

Shred Like a Girl Womens MTB Shorts

  • Bespoke top cap
It is amazing what you can get to bling up mountain bikes these days.  A unique and personalised top cap is the perfect gift to say ‘I accept you love your bike more than me’. The only limit is your imagination.

Bespoke Top Caps

  • Bike pressure washer 
  • Although practical, this will not be received with the same hatred as a hoover or ironing board. These pressure washers are portable, powerful and lightweight, perfect for shoving in the back of a car and making the dreaded ‘aftermath’ of a true winter ride, that little bit more bearable. Plus they are just so much fun to use. I mean who doesn’t want to have a go on a pressure washer?

    Mucoff Mountain Bike Pressure Washers

    Karcher Portable Pressure Washer

    • Bike Lights

    As if disappearing for days on end wasn’t enough, enable the mountain biker in your life to extend their ride time and go out at night. A good set of bike lights is essential, you don’t want them to get caught out and descend into darkness mid trail. It is terrifying. One for the bars and one for the helmet will ensure they don’t get caught by the boogeyman. 

    MBR magazine did a recent review on a range of bike lights, and the top two winners were:

    Handlebar mounted: Magicshine Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2.0 

    Helmet lights: Exposure Zenith MK2

    • Shred Like a Girl Womens MTB jersey

    The best jerseys in town, if I do say so myself. All the sizes for all the shapes.   Get your loved one looking fly on the trails with a women's specific fit and a rad design. The Aussie days jersey is a customer favourite, just the right amount of pink.   

    Shred Like a Girl Womens MTB Long Sleeve Jersey Aussie Days

    • A Mudguard  

    This sounds a bit dull but trust us, mudguards are another piece of essential winter kit. No one wants blobs of slop or grit swimming around their eyeballs when they are trying to case a jump. Mudhugger are the go to guards, well made, affordable, do the job perfectly.

    Mudhugger Mudguards

    • Goggles 

    Yes, I know there seems like a lot of things on this list but this is barely touching the surface. A great pair of goggles will not only protect your loves eyes so she can look at even more mountain bike paraphernalia, but they will make her look siiiiiick on the trails and will 100% make her ride faster. Melon Optics are the one, they are fully customisable so she can matchy matchy. Again, no overthinking required, gift cards are available. 

    Melon Optics Customisable MTB Goggles

    • Hip pack

    Aka a bum bag but much cooler. You could call this a snack carrier, because let’s face it, that’s what goes in them. You can also squeeze your phone in there too and car key, maybe a multi-tool, but basically snacks. We love this one as it is like Mary Poppins' handbag.

    Dakine Hot Laps 2ltr Hip Pack Vandal

    • Stux gloves 

    Mountain bike gloves are like mountain bike socks… more more more. They protect you from the elements, brambles and dirt but mostly ensure that the death grip on the handlebars won’t budge as you are going off that curb.  We love Stux gloves as their designs are to die for. Try to find out the size of her hand though as the sizing can be a bit off between brands. You can never have enough gloves….or socks….or bikes…..   

    Stux MTB Gloves

    • Beanie / Bobble hat

    You are not a mountain biker if you don’t own at least two beanies and a bobble hat, a post ride essential for keeping warm, but really it is to hide helmet hair.  We love Banana Industries selection and their eco vibes. A perfect stocking filler.

    Banana Industries Beanies

    • Changing Mat
    Yes you could just stand on an ikea bag but these purpose made changing mats that enclose all your filthy wet riding gear are a practical mountain bike accessory that will get used every ride. Somewhere nice to put your tootsies when changing, because despite riding the gnar mere minutes before, the idea of standing on a cold dirty car park floor with no socks on is just too much.

    Fox Utility Changing Mat for MTB

    What are you waiting for, get clicking and revel in the knowledge you will be making someone very happy on Christmas morning and not a hoover or kitchen appliance in sight. 

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