Shred Like a Girl womens MTB events UK

Here at Shred Like a Girl we're excited for a mega year of UK mountain bike events throughout 2024. Here's a list of where we'll be and what we'll be doing there (stall, racing, or just hanging out). We'll be adding more to this as it gets confirmed, so check back in from time to time. Sign up at the links below and we hope to see you there too! 


  • UNBOUND FEST (17-19 May). A brand new women's mountain bike festival at Twisted Oaks Bike Park. 
  • TWEEDLOVE (14-16 June). Tweedlove Bike Festival, a free festival set in Peebles in Scotland. You can ride the local trails, demo bikes, spend your money with all the best brands and soak in the family friendly festival vibes with entertainment, street food and a bar. 
  • MALVERNS CLASSIC (22-25 August). A family friendly festival set in the beautiful Malvern Hills. Amazing entertainment both on and off the bike, opportunities to race, ride, try an airbag or dual slalom and feast your eyes on all the best bike brands. Not to be missed.


  • ARD ROCK (26-28 July).  A summer mountain bike festival set in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. There's an epic expo, great entertainment and a chance to take part in the notorious Ard Rock Enduro. We have taken the plunge and entered a race, signing up for the intro enduro on the Sunday, be great to see you there if you have entered too. 


UK MTB Races:

If you're looking for UK MTB Races to enter, we'd recommend heading to the SiEntries website. It has events from all over the UK, for all levels and multiple sporting types. You can check it out here: