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Top Tips for Watching Redbull Hardline

So you're heading to Redbull Hardline and you are STOKED! But are you sure you have everything you need? What do you wear? What do they provide onsite? We've got all the tips and tricks you need to make sure you're set for the day!

Make a plan!

  • Make a plan for the day of what features you really want to see in person. Get there early and start making your way up as early as you can as the hike between features can take a long time with a lot of people moving through and only being able to cross the track at designated crossing points.
  • Make sure you head to the expo area to grab a cowbell so you can make as much noise as possible to hype up the riders! They're normally given out for free, so don't be afraid to ask for one (or two)!
  • On race day, the riders only hit the track once, so we'd recommend watching one or two riders per feature and then make your way between features as quickly as possible. Start from the top features and make your way down as you'll want to watch the last rider or two from the bottom area to experience the finish line vibes! 
  • The downside to going to the event in person is that you don't know what's happening on the rest of the track, you only know what's happening on the feature in front of you. We'd recommend live-streaming the race on your phone so you can see what the rankings are, if people have crashed, or if there's wind hold, etc. If you're doing this, we'd recommend downloading the Red Bull TV app prior to the event and bringing a portable charger with you to keep your phone battery up.

What to wear?

  • We strongly recommend hiking boots. If you don't have boots, wear the sturdiest footwear you own as the hike to the top features is steep and muddy in places, especially if its been raining and after a few hundred people have walked up it. We rock gym leggings and a Shred Like a Girl t-shirt (and hoodie if its cold!).
  • Protect yourself from the elements with a raincoat, hat and sunglasses! The weather will probably have a bit of everything; from sunshine, to wind and rain, so be prepared.

What to pack?

  • Pack snacks and some lunch if you're heading up the hill for the day. There's a food truck at the bottom, but there's normally a bit of a queue for it at breakfast and lunch time, so get in early if you're buying food onsite
  • Bring a backpack instead of a tote bag so your hands are free to help you with the hike up and to ring your cowbell! 
  • Pack and apply bug spray and sunscreen, or you'll be attacked by the midges and the sun simultaneously 
  • Bring a water bottle to refill at the filling stations within the expo area
  • We recommend bringing a compact sitting mat or similar to sit on so you stay dry. Even if it hasn't been raining that day, the Welsh ground likes to stay wet and there's nothing worse than having a wet butt for the whole day

That's it! You're all set to have an amazing weekend and experience some of the best riders hitting mind-blowing features! Enjoy it ❤️

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