Top Tips for Bike Park Trips

So you're heading to your first bike park and you're SO STOKED about it, but hang on, how do you even prepare for it? How much stuff should you take? Ahhhh.  Well, at Shred Like a Girl, we're bike park fiends (#ionlyridepark anyone?) but we know how daunting it can feel to go to your first one. So to help you feel confident before the big day we’ve made a list of all the things we do beforehand and what we chuck in the car so you know where to start and can live your best life whooping down the trails.. 

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Top Tips for Beating The Winter Blues

That time is upon us again, the time we all dread, the time we hope won’t arrive because it can just feel IMPOSSIBLE to do even the smallest of things... Some call it the January blues, some call it the Winter blues. However you like to refer to this period of zero daylight, dampness, grey trees and existential crises, know that it is a very real feeling.   We have some top tips to keep you on your bike this winter and for those days when it just feels too much, some ideas to boost those feel good vibes and have you reveling during this long month.

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2022: What a wild ride.

As we welcome in the new year and wonder how on earth it has come around so quickly, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on 2022 because crikey, what a ride it has been. Not only did myself and the brand move countries, covid came knocking at my door, twice, I cried A LOT but laughed even more and discovered all that the UK mountain bike scene has to offer.   Here is a rundown of what kept Shred Like a Girl going in 2022.

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