Shawnee Finlayson | Owner | Chief Petter of Dogs

Shawnee Shred Like a Girl Business Owner
I'm Shawnee, the woman behind Shred Like a Girl. I launched the business in 2021 with the vision of improving inclusivity in the MTB space, promoting positive mental health and giving back to the communities we thrive in. I'm originally from Australia, but moved myself and the brand to the UK in December 2021. I still work full time at an engineering firm, and run Shred Like a Girl as my passion project/side hustle. I’ve got huge dreams of where I’m taking Shred Like a Girl, so keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come!
How did you get into mountain biking? My journey with mountain biking started on a whim. After not having touched a bike since primary school, I woke up one morning and decided that I'd start mountain biking. That week, I bought a secondhand bike and was hooked as soon as my wheels hit the trail.
What do you do at Shred Like a Girl? Literally everything, I’m a solo powerhouse 😅 Sales, marketing, pet dogs, social media, accounting, eat all the snacks, order processing, coffee runs, events, product design, coordinate with manufacturers, customer service, film squirrels, general admin and anything else that pops up. 
What bike do you ride? Propain Tyee (before that, my Specialized Stumpjumper had my heart).
Guilty pleasure food? Fries. Always fries. If I could eat fries all day everyday and be healthy, I totally would. 
Favourite mountain bike festival? I'd have to say I have two favs - Malverns Classic and Sisters of Send
Instagram: @shawneefinlayson