Shawnee Finlayson | Owner | Chief Petter of Dogs

A photo showing a woman in a vibrant teal jersey and black shorts pushing a black mountain bike
I'm Shawnee, the woman behind Shred Like a Girl. I launched the business in 2021 with the vision of improving inclusivity in the MTB space, promoting positive mental health and giving back to the communities we thrive in. I'm originally from Australia, but moved myself and the brand to the UK in December 2021. I still work full time at an engineering firm, and run Shred Like a Girl as my passion project/side hustle. 
How did you get into mountain biking? My journey with mountain biking started on a whim. After not having touched a bike since primary school, I woke up one morning and decided that I'd start mountain biking. That week, I bought a secondhand bike and was hooked as soon as my wheels hit the trail.
What do you do at Shred Like a Girl? Literally everything 😅 Sales, marketing, pet dogs, social media, accounting, eat all the snacks, order processing, coffee runs, events, product design, coordinate with manufacturers, customer service, film squirrels, general admin and anything else that pops up. 
What bike do you ride? Propain Tyee (before that, my Specialized Stumpjumper had my heart).
Guilty pleasure food? Fries. Always fries. If I could eat fries all day everyday and be healthy, I totally would. 
Favourite mountain bike festival? I'd have to say I have two favs - Malverns Classic and Sisters of Send
Instagram: @shawneefinlayson


Danielle Lovett | Right hand gal | Chief of Trello 


Hey everyone, I’m Danie, Shawnee's right hand (wo)man. I jumped at the opportunity to come into the Shred Like a Girl fold back in December 2022. It’s a dream come true to be involved in a female mountain bike brand, especially one my friend owns and is so aligned to my values and ambitions in the MTB world.  

How did you get into mountain biking? About 4 years ago I crossed paths with a guy who was obsessed with it. Before you could say ‘I’m in debt’, I had bought my first hardtail and haven’t looked back since. 

What do you do at Shred Like a Girl? Anything the boss lady tells me to do.  Social media, creating content, writing copy, celebrating all the wins, writing blogs, marketing, research, sending photos of cats, SEO shizzle, admin, strategies (Shawnee loves me for this), tagging Shawnee in memes, writing lists, website updates, running away with ideas for the brand, living my best trello life.

What bike do you ride? A Specialized Stumpjumper; Stumpy, my runaway horse, 29er, carbon, far outweighs my skills. My OG hardtail has my heart and the newest addition to the pack is my DMR sect DJ bike. She scares me, A LOT.   

Guilty pleasure food? Crisps. I can not go into a shop without buying a full size bag and eating them in the car park like the pig that I am. Crisps are life.

Favourite mountain bike festival? Malverns Classic

Instagram: @lovettdanielle @girlsonwheelspodcast


Pixie the cat | Director of Snuggles | Chief Cloud Imitator 

White fluffy cat lying on her back on the floor looking cute

Meow there, I'm Pixie. I am the real boss of Shred Like a Girl, but I let Shawnee think otherwise. I spend most of my time asleep, snuggled in a pile of clothes or by my Mum's head (Dani). However when I am not asleep I like to keep a constant stream of live mice running around my mum's bedroom. I find 3am works best for this as it ensures she doesn't get a full nights sleep. 

How did you get into mountain biking? Well I am not really into it, but I like to patrol the garage and my mum's van when she is getting her bike things ready to check she hasn't forgotten anything. My favourite game is to get locked in the van and make my mum cry at the thought of me dying in there or getting driven to Wales.

What do you do at Shred Like a Girl? I keep Shawnee from working too hard and reign both of them in, they can get so carried away with their ideas at times. I also provide moral support for them by being the cutest fluffiest thing on the planet and showing my fluff butt whenever I can. They take too many photos though, it's a bit cringe. 

What bike do you ride? I'm too cute to ride.   

Guilty pleasure food?  Melted butter and crumbs on plates.