Shred Like a Girl Womens MTB Clothing UK


Shred Like a Girl was a twinkle in the founder; Shawnee’s eye in early 2020. After discovering mountain biking by accident and one dodgy XC bike later, Shawnee soon realised life on 2 wheels was for her.

Exploring everything Sydney had to offer, biking adventures soon took over, fuelling the passion and love for the sport even more, but there was a noticeable frustration starting to blight bike life; where were all the female mountain bike clothing brands?  Why was it so hard to find well fitting and functional mtb clothes for women?  How were women supposed to feel like they belong on mountain bikes if they couldn’t find the kit to fit them?

Covid 19 began its descent and the twinkle became an idea, a notepad came out and before you could say ‘we love bikes’, Shred Like a Girl was born.  

Creating MTB clothing that promotes inclusivity in the sport is at the heart of our mission, we offer a range of women’s specific clothing in sizes XS to 3XL.  Our designs draw inspiration from Australia and bring a unique, feminine vibe to the UK trails. You will look amazing and feel unstoppable when wearing Shred Like a Girl, no matter where or how you ride.   

Shred Like a Girl is not just a MTB clothing brand, we are passionate about building a community and providing support to other females killing it in the sport. Women only social rides provided us with the means to make friends after moving our life from Australia to the UK in December 2021. This was a lifeline for us and we know it will be important to so many of you out there, so we are dedicated to building a kick ass female community where we can share our love of bikes and inspire more women like you to get out and ride.



We don’t know where we would be without bikes, and we want to help spread that stoke to others, which is why we believe so deeply in giving back to the mountain bike community and not-for-profit mountain bike organizations.

We are not just a brand; we have personally experienced the difference that mountain biking and outdoor sports makes to your life and health. Because of this, we are committed to giving back to the community that has brought us so much adventure and joy. A portion of every sale we make will be donated to a local mountain bike organization and to mental health charity Beyond Blue.

If there are any not-for-profit initiatives you think we should support, please let us know. We will do everything we can to support a brighter future for mountain biking and would always like to hear your ideas.