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Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners

Starting out in mountain biking can be tough. There are too many limbs to control all at once, a new language to learn, fitness to gain, skills to master. 

Sometimes it can feel like you're never going to be able to get the hang of this sport. You'll fall off your bike, feel defeated and even consider throwing your mountain bike into a tree. Trust me, we've all been there!

Finding your tribe and confidence on the bike is an important foundation for loving the sport. We've asked our brand ambassadors for their best advice for beginners in mountain biking. Read on to get all the best tips and inspo for enjoying your ride!

All of our brand ambassadors are more than happy for new riding buddies, so make sure you check out their profiles to find one near you! ❤



Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Laura 


Find a local mountain biking club to join so that they can meet like minded bikers and be shown the trails by more advanced riders. Seek expert advice from your local bike store before purchasing your first bike. One more piece of advice I would give is that there is no need to spend a lot of money on your first bike, it's much more important you enjoy the sport first before heavily investing.


Never compare yourself to other riders. It's your journey so take it at your own pace and enjoy it. Just get out there, give it a go and feel the freedom and serenity of what is around you - you'll soon feel your self-confidence rise as you improve each ride.

Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Tanya
Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Alice


Find a nice, friendly group to ride with so you can surround yourself with like minded and supportive people! Don't be afraid to ask questions - the MTB community is so friendly!


Do you! Some people like riding and doing technical jumps etc, others like trail riding. Whatever you choose remember to enjoy it!

Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Lisa
Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Belinda


Don’t let falling off discourage you. You will surprise yourself when it comes to testing your limits. Believe in yourself, don’t compare, and trust your learning process. Your mental game is more powerful then you think. Once you pass your threshold, you will feel incredible and that’s when you start pushing and the next thing you know you're jumping or doing a certain skill you never thought you would get to.


I would highly recommended doing a MTB skills training course, believe in yourself and don’t compare yourself to anyone else as you are on your own journey. One last thing, always be patient with yourself.

 Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Christine

Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Emily


Find a group of friends that you can go out and have fun with, and give each other encouragement. Use the group's support and challenge yourself to improve on one thing every ride.


Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, that’s something that held me back for a long time. The biking community (from my experience) is so welcoming and helpful to new riders.

Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Willow 

 Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Megan


Don’t be afraid to be bad!

Sarah Jane (SJ):

Get out and ride as often as you can. Time on the bike is so important for progress and you'll meet so many great people the more time you spend on your bike.

Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Sarah Jane (SJ)

 Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Jo


You don't have to have a great bike or clothing, just give it a go. Lessons are well worth investing in when you catch the bug.


Keep at it and go at your own pace. If something is too scary come back and try it another time. Remember that everyone starts from somewhere and just have fun!

Shred Like a Girl Ambassador_Libby


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