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Shred Girls: Ali's Rocky Ride

Shred Girls: Ali's Rocky Ride

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Come along for a wild ride as the Shred Girls take on mountain biking! Readers are sure to feel like part of the team in this empowering read! 

In the follow-up to LINDSAY’S JOYRIDE, the Shred Girls reunite at Ali’s home for a mountain-biking training trip that builds up to an elite competition! Even though Ali grew up on mountain biking with her professional-biker older brothers, she’s anxious. Her brothers always make her feel like she’s not talented enough. Could they be right? She’ll just have to find out.

But it’ll be hard to focus on training when Jen, Lindsay, and Lindsay’s awesome older cousin Phoebe come to stay for two weeks. Ali’s never had friends who are girls before, and now they’re jumping into a long-term sleepover! Well, she’s not sure that ultra-feminine Jen is actually her friend . . . yet. Ali’s about to get a crash course on friendship!

With everything going on, Ali’s got a rocky road ahead–but she has the right bike for this ride!

Age Range: 8yrs+

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