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Shred Girls: Jen's Bumpy Ride

Shred Girls: Jen's Bumpy Ride

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In the third Shred Girls adventure, Jen’s Bumpy Ride, ultra-perfectionist Jen has to make a big decision: Should she stick with the Shred Girls, or join the local cycling team that promises to make her faster, and help her to become a pro cyclist? The local cycling team is fast, but they’re not nearly as nice as Ali and Lindsay. Still, if Jen wants to make her pro racing dreams come true, this team is the best way to do it. She’ll have to decide soon, since the clock is ticking down to the next race…

But first, the Shred Girls crew of Jen, Ali and Lindsay, along with their coach, Phoebe, will need to make it through their first ever bikepacking trip, riding big miles and camping in the mountains. Can their friendship survive the ups and downs that come with campouts, no showers, tired legs and a storm brewing in the distance? Bikepacking—combining camping with cycling and bringing all of your camping equipment along by bike—may not be as speedy as racing, but it can be a lot harder, especially for someone like Jen who has a serious need for speed. But the camping lifestyle will force Jen to come to terms with what she really wants: Friendships that stand the test of time and distance, and maybe even a new way at looking at her goals in sport. Winning might not be everything, after all (though it’s still pretty darn fun!).

Whether you’re a cyclist or you love exploring the great outdoors, this book will have your heart racing as the girls navigate their longest trip ever—and decide the fate of the Shred Girls team while they’re out in the mountains.

Age Range: 8yrs+

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